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jantemp collection
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an introduction

Jan Tempelman (20-11-1943 - 24-2-2009) was well known and well loved in Dylan circles. He was a friend to many and helpful to everybody. As a collector he shared everything he had without any restriction. As jantemp, jtemp or jant he was very active as seeder. He was also co-compiler of compilations.
Jan was a professional goldsmith, held exhibitions, and was teacher jewelry design and more at an art college. Besides that he was prominent in the bee-world. As secretary of the Ambrosiusgilde Rotterdam he started successful activities. He was known for experiments as rebuilding the Drory beehouse and testing his own beehouse made of cork. Jan designed and build his own house and documented it all on his once famous website. His long but unequal fight against cancer was also documented in detail.
Before he died he decided that I should have his collection of Data DVD's and I promised him to share it in his spirit. Much of this collection is or was circulating due to his indefatigable sharing and seeding, even during his illness and chemotherapy. The link below is to Jan's latest published list. Please note that the Jantemp Collection consists only of the Data DVD's.

Jantemp Collection
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