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Bob Dylan in Carré 2015
« on: Sun 2015-11-01, 22:40:00 pm »
info, places & meeting

With Bob back on the main land to continue his European Fall Tour 2015, it's time to focus
on the approching three shows in Amsterdam.

History of Carré
The Theatre Carré (Amstel 115-125) is located on the east side of the Amstel river that
gave the city it's name Aemstelledam (first known mention 1275), later Amsterdam.
The venue, a Neo-Renaissance building, was opened December 3, 1887. It was founded
by circus director Oscar Carré (1845-1911) after he had to close down his temporary
wooden winter theatre in 1880 due to risk of fire. The new stone building had a big stage,
while the stalls on the main floor could be removed to make room for the circus ring(s).
From 1893 on the venue was exploited during the summer by theatre producers for
vaudeville and revue shows while the circus travelled the country.
The rise of movie houses gave Circus Carré some hard time (during May 1912 Carré itself
was the place where Dutch filmpioneer Maurtis Binger showed Kinemacolor, the first
successful color motion picture process) and revues and musical shows became more and
more the main program.
By the end of the sixties there were serious plans by real estate speculators to demolish
the building but in the end the city of Amsterdam didn't give permission and bought Carré
in 1977.

Historical surroundings
Just in front of Carré you find the Amstelsluizen, a sluices or lock complex from 1674.
More to the right is the Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge), the original first from 1691 but
this latest version was build in 1934. More north is the Hermitage Museum of Amsterdam,
a former home for old women (1681). Further on the Blauwbrug (Blue Bridge) connects the
Rembrandtplein area with the Waterlooplein area.

Hanging out
To the left across the Blauwbrug the Amstelstraat leads to the Rembrandtplein and the
Utrechtsestraat, an area with many pubs, bars, restaurants and fast-food. Half-way
of the Utrechtsestraat you'll find something else: Concerto, a famous independent record
store, now celebrating their 60th anniversary. They have a good selection of Bob on CD and
vinyl, also second hand.

The distance of Rembrandtplein from Carré is not so far, 10 minutes by foot. The
other end of the Utrechtsestraat, that parallels the Amstel and crosses all three main
canals (Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht) is 7 minutes from Carré. There
is also a shortcut from the Utrechtsestraat through the Kerkstraat and across the
Magere Brug.

Autumn is the season for Bock Beer, in many places also on draught. The present time
gives a growing number of independent breweries like het IJ, de Prael or Texels who
produce tasty and interesting special beers.

The programme
The promotor gives this time table for the shows:
          19:00 - Doors open
          20:00 - Bob Dylan set 1
          20:45 - Interval
          21:05 - Bob Dylan set 2
          23:00 - Expected end of show
So, with a duration of 2 hour and and 40 minutes, we can expect an interesting setlist.

As meeting point we selected De Ysbreeker (from 16:00 hr.), Weesperzijde 23, bigger than
most of the small halls and with a reasonable selection of food and drink, also enough
egetarian and among others Texels Skuumkoppe on draught. Weesperzijde is in fact the same
side of the Amstel as the theatre, but a little bit more south. It is 7 minutes from Carré
and half-way we can check at the Amstel Hotel if Bob is ready to walk together with us
to the venue.

Who is who
Those who want to know who's sitting where during the shows in Carré, can provide us with
his/her name or alias, date of show, rank, row and seat number. We'll try in time to add
those info to the floor plan and send a pdf to your email.
To join this project send your details to
All mail must have the date in the subject heading. Separate mail for each show!

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Re: Bob Dylan in Carré 2015
« Reply #1 on: Tue 2015-11-03, 08:26:05 am »
Correction from the promotor:

22:00 - Expected end of show


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Re: Bob Dylan in Carré 2015
« Reply #2 on: Sat 2015-11-07, 11:59:42 am »
First night was a huge succes. Bob liked it a lot. First we went to the middel of the Amstel bridge: watching the river flow. "Lot of water under the bridge" he said with a smile, then we delivered him at his entrance at the back of Carré, Onbekende Gracht (Unknown Canal). "Sounds complete familiar" was his last remark, over his shoulder, when he was on his own, only passing through security and leaving us on the dark street just in front of the Bistro Baret. There was no music there, and no revolution in the air.

Second night Bob excused himself and we changed from De Ysbreeker to Onder de Ooievaar, on the corner of Prinsengracht and Utrechtsestraat (music all night and a famous meat ball). More different beers and also cheaper. A real brown café.

Third and last night in Amsterdam for Bob. He excuses himself again. He had to pack because after the show he's heading for another joint, this time Hamburg. So, without him, we meet before showtime (from 17:00 hr) at Onder de Ooievaar and - if all goes well - also after the show.

 8) 8)