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Palais des Sports

Toulouse, France

30 June 1993



Disc 1 [75:28]

1. Hard Times [5:32]

2. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again [9:04]

3. All Along the Watchtower [7:38]

4. Just Like A Woman [8:54]

5. Tangled Up In Blue [10:25]

6. Born In Time[7:18]

7. Watching The River Flow [5:36]

8. Little Moses [5:37]

9. Tomorrow Night [6:18]

10. The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll [9:02]


Disc 2 [64:24]

1. Gates Of Eden [10:54]

2. Cat's In the Well [6:49]

3. I And I [10:19]

4. What Good Am I? [6:28]

5. Maggie's Farm [9:23]

6. Man In The Long Black Coat [9:49]

7. It Ain't Me, Babe [10:40]



Concert # 491 of The Never-Ending Tour. Concert # 11 of the 1993 Europe Summer Tour. 1993 concert # 35.

Concert # 35 with the 9th Never-Ending Tour Band: Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar), Bucky Baxter (pedal steel guitar & electric

slide guitar), John Jackson (guitar), Tony Garnier (bass), Winston Watson (drums & percussion

1, 8-11, 17 acoustic with the band.

9-11, 18 Bob Dylan harmonica

1, 8 Bucky Baxter (accordion

10, 11, 18 Bucky Baxter (electric mandolin

5 new songs (29%) compared to previous concert. 1 new song for this tour.



Some track transitions are not entirely seamless. There are so many sonic defaults that to attempt to annotate them here

would be a hilariously futile exercise.

D2 T7: [10:20 - 10:40] dead runoff (I can can give you that much)


SOUND: A mild nightmare. If this were an underwater concert this sound would rule the universe. As it is not, oh brother,

where to begin? The sound underneath the problems is clear and defined, but the vocals are a gargling, choppy disaster and

the the distortion creates a supremely slicing effect that is a bitch to sit through. Take Stuck Inside Of Mobile: if the band

was trying to make it sound like that on purpose, it would be one thing, but this is so watery and skippy that there's not much

you can do but fold up your ears and pour another drink. The true pisser is that as I mentioned the underlying music, the

beat Tony and Winston are building, sounds cool.


COMMENTS: Well, Hard Times isn't too bad. The singing sucks, but the sound is crystal clear. Then comes the rest of the

show. Bob is singing fairly well for the most part, but again, my main comment here is that the vocals are slippery as hell

and the defects poison almost every track. Consider Born In Time; a gorgeous opening riff, the guitars are busy in the

kitchen frosting cupcakes, layering one sweet dark country note on top of another. Then the singing starts and it's...wait, I

finally know what it sounds like! It's Bob singing into a large fan. You remember doing that when you were a kid, sticking

your face near the fan during a bored Summer day and saying something...anything, and it would be hilarious? That how

this is, and it's rotten luck, given how great Tony and the band sound. The acoustic set fares no better, although he is

crooning up a storm. Tomorrow Night is soundtrack score right out of some black and white western flick...My Darling

Clementine, maybe, something like that. Just sad, dusty folk blues that wasn't meant to cheer up a single soul in the joint.

The grim tale of Hattie Carroll follows, this must be Bob's idea of a good time. His phrasing is halting and breezy, his

delivery is patient, just a step in front of Tony's fat bass crawl. Then Bob steps up and bleats out a busty harp solo nearly

three minutes long that is rust-covered, cranky, wonderful. Gates Of Eden is the flag on the summit though, Bob is

incredible at times, knotting up bunches of words and smoothing them out again easily and with an almost frustrating calm.

Marvelous airing. I and I is a silly shouting game, but What Good Am I? turns the car around and drives back to the party in

a hurry. Bob is all over this confused honky-tonk waltz, what he lacks in guitar playing he more than pays for with his

singing. Then of course to throw us off the scent he sings out Man In The Long Black Coat like a broken down preacher

who has an out of tune guitar to talk at instead of a congregation.


BOTTOM LINE: Run, don't walk, and seek out the audience source. There's nothing but large chunks of misery here.

Actually, if you could replace Bob's vocals with the audience sourced vocals...nah, this one isn't worth it. The performance

should be heard by you at some point, and I'm betting the audience tapes will be more fun than this one is.



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