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Harbor Blues Festival

Gate Ten, Port Of Haifa

Haifa, Israel

20 June 1993



Disc 1 [74:55]

1. Hard Times [5:19]

2. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again [8:42]

3. All Along The Watchtower [6:39]

4. Just Like A Woman [7:16]

5. Tangled Up In Blue [12:20]

6. Shelter From The Storm [9:47]

7. Watching The River Flow [6:46]

8. Little Moses [5:38]

9. Tomorrow Night [4:38]

10. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue [7:45]


Disc 2 [67:01]

1. Mr. Tambourine Man [11:25]

2. Cat's In The Well [6:26]

3. I And I [8:23]

4. Positively 4th Street [6:45]

5. Maggie's Farm [8:35]

6. Man In The Long Black Coat [6:58]

7. Everything Is Broken [6:46]

8. It Ain't Me, Babe [11:40]



Concert # 484 of The Never-Ending Tour. Fourth concert of the 1993 Europe Summer Tour. 1993 concert # 28

Concert # 28 with the 9th Never-Ending Tour Band: Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar), Bucky Baxter (pedal steel guitar & electric

slide guitar), John Jackson (guitar), Tony Garnier (bass), Winston Watson (drums & percussion).

1, 8-11, 18 acoustic with the band.

3, 5, 6, 9-11, 18 Bob Dylan harmonica.

1, 8 Bucky Baxter (accordion).

6 new songs (33%) compared to previous concert. 5 new songs for this tour.



Some track transitions are not entirely seamless

D1 T2: [3:49] volume lowers

D1 T5: [1:31] volume raises

D2 T1 [0:00] digi-click

D2 T1: [0:35] dropout

D2 T8: [11:31 - 11:40] tape cuts, dead runoff


SOUND: Compressed and generally muffled, but there aren't any of the bigger problems [read: vocal distortion, faint

instruments, etc...] that plague some of the other shows in this set. The actually has good balance and true tone (whatever

that is, I probably read that someplace, geez, shoot me now).


COMMENTS: Things really get rolling with the harmonica intro to Watchtower, blown like Bob is walking through the

park, just a guy with all the time in the world. He's singing well, practiced and easy. He gets nowhere near as loud and

shouting as he will in the coming shows. Shelter From The Storm feels almost like a rehearsal. The band strums a few

chords and Bob is already singing before things are set, so he's either ahead or behind with the vocals, and the jamming isn't

as focused as Tangled, but at least the harmonica is decent. Little Moses is the nursery rhyme that won't die. The hokey

cotton-candy stand accordion, grinding madly away in the background, this is silly carnival tonight. Okay, except for the

last verse, that's a knockout. Hey, is the crowd chanting "GREEN-DAY! GREEN-DAY!" after the song? Cool, how hip are

these people, Dookie is still months and months away from release, they're obviously quality music fans. Bob sings through

his milk and cookies to warble out a sleepy Baby Blue, complete with a cloudy harmonica break. It's never a good thing

when the most interesting part of a song is the intro, and Tambourine Man is just that. Cat's In The Well lumps along like a

kid dragged to some boring grown up function, and even the band is sucked into playing cheaply and moving on. Bob tries

to get up and dance for I And I, but alas, his timing is off and the singing ragged. The stacking chord arrangement for 4th

Street has promise until Bob opens his mouth and bores things dry, displaying about as much venom as a kitten. In fact, I

think Bob shows more personality in the manufactured band into during Maggie's Farm than anywhere else. Man In The

Long Black Coat rights the ship, but it's too little too late. Still a nice version, but that may be more for the fact that it's

under seven minutes long for a change. It Ain't Me, Babe might be the highlight (or is that 'non-lowlight'?) of the show, but,

well, kick me awake when something really good is going on.


BOTTOM LINE: Well, one type of fan would call this "uninspired and tired", while another type of fan would declare that

it's "measured and mellow", that's how it goes, you got me, man. Whatever it is, Bob doesn't even wake up and get

interested until the final 3 songs of the night, so forget it.



Setlist and NET info © 2001 by Olof Björner

Recording notes and comments © 2005 by the proud members of the Glenn Cripes Fan Klub


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