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New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival Fairgrounds Racetrack

WWL/Ray-Ban Stage

New Orleans, Louisiana

23 April 1993



Disc 1 [73:47]

1. Hard Times [4:45]

2. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again [7:08]

3. All Along The Watchtower [5:20]

4. You're A Big Girl Now [5:25]

5. Tangled Up In Blue [8:58]

6. Positively 4th Street [6:59]

7. Watching The River Flow [4:43]

8. Jim Jones [6:02]

9. Tomorrow Night [5:22]

10. Mr. Tambourine Man [6:31]

11. Cat's In The Well [5:50]

12. I And I [6:36]


Disc 2 [37:36]

1. Simple Twist Of Fate [7:49]

2. Everything Is Broken [7:46]

9. What Good Am I? [6:15]

10. Maggie's Farm [5: 34]

11. It Ain't Me, Babe [10:11]



Concert # 480 of The Never-Ending Tour. Concert # 9 of the 1993 Us Spring Tour. 1993 concert # 24.

Concert # 24 with the 9th Never-Ending Tour Band: Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar), Bucky Baxter (pedal steel guitar & electric

slide guitar), John Jackson (guitar), Tony Garnier (bass), Winston Watson (drums & percussion).

1, 8-10, 17 acoustic with the band.

9, 10, 17 Bob Dylan harmonica.

1 Bucky Baxter (accordion).

8, 10 Bucky Baxter (dobro).

7, 17 Bucky Baxter (electric mandolin).

11, 14 Dickie Betts (electric lead guitar).

2 new songs (11%) compared to previous concert. No new songs for this tour.



Some track transitions are not entirely seamless

D1 T1: low volume

D1 T6: [0:18] digi-burr©

D1 T9: [4:14] digi-cloud©


SOUND: Compact. Not that great. The band is about 10 or 20 feet behind Bob, and while his vocals are discernable

enough, the whole thing sounds canned. Some light distortion throughout when he sings too loud. Imagine Bob and

company setting up and playing in a really, really nice closet and you're getting close to this. As usual those of you with true

grit will adjust to it and probably be just fine with this but for the rest of you traders who only want a selection of the finest

sounding shows from each year in your collection...stay...far...away.


COMMENTS: So, the Ray-Ban stage, huh? Cool, after that we can hang out in the Members Only hospitality suite. Wait,

wrong decade, change that to the British Knights hospitality suite. So, the final show for over a month, how much does he

have left in the tank? Let's find out. Great, so let me tell you how the last hour of my life went down: I went to the kitchen

and poured a very large drink. (Jack on the rocks, because the only thing in the place is Diet Coke and to do that may as

well be a sin. And yeah, I keep a bottle in my kitchen, don't judge me), then I slammed the thermostat up to 95 on the way

down the hall, sat back in this overstuffed chair here and hit play. In case you're wondering why I'm stalling and filling up

space it's because this show sucks for the most part. You can shitcan Hard Times through 4th Street, it's lazy, sloppy music,

and not worth the risk it probably took to record this in the first place. But there is hope, there's always hope in a Bob show.

After all, he couldn't get much worse. And he starts to do it, a little at a time. He starts with a few cool turns of the tongue

in River Flow and flips the switch for a beautiful Jim Jones. Tomorrow Night is okay, but it sounds like he's making fun off

the way he usually sings the song, listen to how he's over-acting. Fantastic guitar solo though, and harmonica, wow check

him out! Well, so much for that momentum. Tambourine Man sounds like it's been run through the Hollis Brown washer,

and is a hootenanny laugher. All melody has been sucked out, leaving only annoying chord zings and Bob. I and I is the

exact same thing, except with crunchy annoying chord zings and a Bob Dylan who has a crush on his 9th grade drama

teacher. What happened to the band, did one of the equipment trucks not show up? And I'm not even going to ask why it

sounds like only thirteen people are there clapping after each song...


BOTTOM LINE: A decent acoustic set tries to salvage this, but Bob is auto-pilot most of the night. Have somebody toss

the Jim Jones and What Good Am I on a show as filler, otherwise skip it.



Setlist and NET info © 2001 by Olof Björner

Recording notes and comments © 2005 by the proud members of the Glenn Cripes Fan Klub


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