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Thomas Wolfe Auditorium

Asheville Civic Center

Knoxville, Tennessee

18 April 1993



Disc 1 [59:52]

1. Hard Times [6:18]

2. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again [8:54]

3. All Along The Watchtower [4:50]

4. You're A Big Girl Now [6:33]

5. Tangled Up In Blue [11:23]

6. Disease Of Conceit[8:38]

7. Watching The River Flow [6:16]

8. Jim Jones [6:55]


Disc 2 [51:32]

1. Tomorrow Night [6:02]

2. Desolation Row [7:53]

3. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right [1:15]

4. I'll Remember You [2:02]

5. Everything Is Broken [8:36]

6. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight [6:25]

7. Maggie's Farm [7:50]

8. It Ain't Me, Babe [11:25]



Concert # 477 of The Never-Ending Tour. Concert # 6 of the 1993 US Spring Tour. 1993 concert # 21

Concert # 21 with the 9th Never-Ending Tour Band: Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar), Bucky Baxter (pedal steel guitar & electric

slide guitar), John Jackson (guitar), Tony Garnier (bass), Winston Watson (drums & percussion

1, 8-12, 18 acoustic with the band.

9, 11, 18 Bob Dylan harmonica.

11, 18 Bucky Baxter (electric mandolin).

5 new songs (27%) compared to previous concert. 3 new songs for this tour.



Some track transitions are not entirely seamless

Don't Think Twice and I'll Remember You are severely cut

Cat's In The Well, I and I are missing

D1 T1: [3:51, 6:13] digi-fuzz

D1 T2: [0:00 -0:44] volume spike

D2 T1: [0:00] digi-spike

D2 T1: [3:23] digi-fuzz

D2 T3: [1:14] song cuts

D2 T4: [2:02] we get the final 2:02 of the song, no lyrics...

D2 T4: volume spike

D2 T8: [11:16 - 11:25] dead runoff


SOUND: Compressed, but a zealot could probably argue 'warm'. The high end has a sunburn, and Tony's bass seeps from

time to time, but if you have both ears fixed on Bob's slightly distant vocals you'll be good. That crazy bass sort of reminds

me of the sound on Guided By The Eternal Light, only not nearly as good, heh heh. Winston Watson fans will need to look

elsewhere, it's as if they dubbed him in two weeks later from the side stage. This source is missing two songs, and the sound

when we catch back up with things is raw and much louder.


COMMENTS: Hey, what do you know, Bob is doing almost as well as he did last night. Hard Times has actual phrasing

and a focused delivery, usually the openers have been slopped together, joyful messes that are the equivalent of turning the

old motor over to let things warm up. In fact he's been known (ahem) to take the entire first set to wake up, but here he's

ready from the opener and lays all the following standards of Mobile, Watchtower, an especially mellow and sweet Big Girl

Now, and Tangled out in an easy, calm way that sets a nice living room vibe from the show. Consider Disease Of Conceit.

Now, I don't know about you, but I don't know many people who adore this song, and it's usually worse live. With lyrics

Bob probably found scribbled on the reverse of a program in the back pew of a Billy Graham hootenanny and chord

progressions that Paul McCartney would personally mail off to Michael Jackson as a copyright freebie, it's a safe thing to

suggest it's not high on the Drunken Fan's list of songs to shout out a request for. In fact, if anybody knows of a show in

which somebody calls out for Disease Of Conceit please let me know, that would be something to hear. Well sir, it is with a

stunned grin I am happy to report that Tony goes off on the bass, and Bob sings the hell out of it, great version. He thanks

the crowd after but just as he tries to say something the band hangs up the phone and cranks into River Flow. Bob is playful,

but in a subtle way, a casual listen and you might miss it, so sit back and get comfortable, let Bob do his thing for you. A

harmonica floats over the intro to Tomorrow Night, and the way he sings this makes me wish Nelson Riddle was still

around. But alas, Sinatra's savior died in 1985 of a bum liver, so Bob missed his chance to work with the man who scored

the Batman television series, whew, you only get so many opportunities in life, you know? No matter, this arrangement is

perfectly set up to maximize Bob's tender delivery and eager harp playing. A beautiful version, with perhaps the nicest

harmonica solo I've heard in this set so far. Oh wow, Desolation Row, cool choice! And what do you know, as happens

more often than not, Bob sings the scarce tunes like he's been playing them every single night. He attacks each new verse

like a kid unwrapping a pile of presents, but then again there's always the possibility he just wanted to get through them

before he forgot them, you never with know what's going to stick with Bob. Terrific guitar work, a goodly heap of verses,

this is shaping up nicely. Nothing can stop us now...oh, shit. Don't Think Twice cuts after a minute, and then Cat's In The

Well and I and I are missing entirely. The recording comes back online with the loud ending to I'll Remember You. No

lyrics, just the final couple minutes of senseless jamming. At least we got to hear Desolation Row and I'll Be Your Baby

Tonight, which is a Nashville-charged sermon. I think I'll spin the first 10 songs again, that was fun.


BOTTOM LINE: Tony Garnier fans, your time is now! Great show, very laid back affair, adjust to the sound and you'll

hear a wonderful performance by Bob. Don't let the couple missing tracks decide this for you, the good stuff is here.



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