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Jackson Hall, Performing Art Center

Nashville, Alabama

13 April 1993



Disc 1 [60:41]

1. I Don't Believe You [5:19]

2. All Along The Watchtower [4:52]

3. Disease of Conceit [5:56]

4. Tangled Up In Blue [8:36]

5. Born In Time [5:10]

6. Watching the River Flow [6:22]

7. Jim Jones [5:24]

8. Tomorrow Night [5:28]

9. Gates Of Eden [6:28]

10. applause [0:08]

11. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right [7:02]


Disc 2 [57:04]

1. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry [6:28]

2. I And I [8:21]

3. Simple Twist Of Fate [8:27]

4. Everything Is Broken [7:41]

5. What Good Am I? [7:32]

6. Maggie's Farm [7:29]

7. It Ain't Me, Babe [11:03]



Concert # 473 of The Never-Ending Tour. Second concert of the 1993 US Spring Tour. 1993 concert # 17

Concert # 17 with the 9th Never-Ending Tour Band: Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar), Bucky Baxter (pedal steel guitar & electric

slide guitar), John Jackson (guitar), Tony Garnier (bass), Winston Watson (drums & percussion).

1, 8-12, 18 acoustic with the band.

1 Bucky Baxter (accordion).

9, 11, 18 Bob Dylan harmonica. .

4 new songs (22%) compared to previous concert. 4 new songs for this tour



The first song of the Night, Hard Times, is missing from this source

Some track transitions are not entirely seamless

A couple of guys near the source talk and fiddle with things throughout the show. Not too bad, but faintly intrusive from

time to time

D1 T1: [0:00] track clipped

D1 T3: [1:39] bass drops back, volume lowers

D1 T3: [2:32] volume raises, in fact this whole track is all over the place

D1 T5: [2:02] volume drops

D2 T3: [0:57] digi-glitch

D2 T7: [10:53 - 11:03] dead runoff


SOUND: Dire until things even out. The vocals are buried behind the crush of noise in the beginning, and even when it

balances out it's not that great. If the volume isn't in a state of constant roller coast, the vocals are buzzing and bleeding all

over the high end and saturating everything else on the disc. The band is LOUD, and almost too close to enjoy, but after the

acoustic set things clean considerably, making this easier to digest. ATTENTION: Members of the Tony Garnier Fans Club

will want to whip out those decoder rings and thrust fists to the sky: this one is for you.


COMMENTS: Uh oh, Bob is thanking the crowd after only the second song tonight, that either means he's in a great mood

or he's drunk (or both, always the third option I suppose). I'm leaning towards drunk and happy, actually, listen to how he

slurs out a thanks after Disease of Conceit and then he tells the crowd that that conceit is his favorite favorite cause...ah, just

listen to it, good Lord. And telling the crowd after Tangled that he's "...going to slow it down some..." would be scary

enough without him chuckling like that too. And that ugly "baby" in Born In Time? Oh yeah, Auntie Bob is definitely

nipping at the cooking sherry. And after the tune he says, "Thanks everybody, thanks...that....that's my love song for

tonight." Is he finished? No way, not here, not just yet. This is 1991 all over again. He introduces River Flow by claiming

that not only is it his ecology song, but that the song is also politically correct..." Huh? And that little yell in

River Flow? Oh brother, I can only imagine Tony laughing his ass off at this a few feet away while grandpa is busy going

around the bend and we're not even at the acoustic set yet. One cool thing about all this is that Tony is so high in the mix his

bass is on fire. Bob's singing is all over the map, it's as if he can't decide: should he sing between the lines...or snort 'em

instead? After River Flow he lurches, "Thanks everybody...see what I mean?" Jim Jones is beautiful, proof that he

subconsciously focuses more on songs he didn't write; no matter how loose he is with his own stuff, when it comes to

somebody else's he recovers a bit professionally. Tomorrow Night is a minor revelation, Bob should liquor up more often, I

think this staggering comedian is growing on me. Oh yeah, but don't think he sobered up, he tells the crowd in a hilariously

gay lilt in part that "...Lonnie Johnson wrote that song." Bob is more than gay, he's downright beaming. Next he fiddles

with the Gates of Eden intro to odd effect and pulls it off in a bizarre sort of way. Don't Think Twice? How about Don't

Think Once? Shouting, slurring and purring, dribbling out a harp solo worthy of the opening ceremonies of the Special

Olympics, what a mess this guy makes when he wants to, what fun! Actually that's an insult to the multitudes of serious,

competitive athletes who take part in the Special Olympics, Bob is just a drunk old bastard having a little fun at his own

expense. Still, I'd like to see one person belt out It Takes A Lot To Laugh like Bob does here, balance, man, balance! Tony

gets off in Everything Is Broken, he hams up the surf blues effortlessly. Everything Is Broken live is usually like a

pretentious Rainy Day Women, but Bob always screws up the lyrics so royally that you can't help but grin and reach for your

beer. Wow but Tony is going crazy, listen to that. A great harp intro kicks off the final effort of the show, and you can hear

how ground down Bob's vocal chords are now by this time. He still turns the trick, clown helium singing and all.


BOTTOM LINE: More performance art than actual performance, Bob talks a lot to the audience and still manages more

than a couple sweet tunes (read: the acoustic ones), but overall...well, I'll take my entertainment where I can find it. Not for

fans who hate it when Bob is laughing and enjoying himself, and generally behaving far from the reclusive tortured artist

personality they wish he would have every second of his life.



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