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Hammersmith Apollo

London, England

11 February 1993



Disc 1 [66:40]

1. Maggie's Farm [6:45]

2. If Not For You [6:13]

3. All Along The Watchtower [5:37]

4. Tangled Up In Blue [10:51]

5. Watching The River Flow [8:00]

6. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again [11:08]

7. She Belongs To Me [6:10]

8. Tomorrow Night [5:12]

9. Jim Jones [6:41]


Disc 2 [54:54]

1. Desolation Row [8:23]

2. Girl From The North Country [5:34]

3. Cat's In The Well [6:16]

4. I And I [8:54]

5. Simple Twist Of Fate [9:26]

6. Highway 61 Revisited [7:23]

7. What Good Am I? [8:54]



Concert # 461 of The Never-Ending Tour. Concert # 5 of the 1993 Winter Tour Of Europe. 1993 concert # 5

Concert # 5 with the 9th Never-Ending Tour Band: Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar), Bucky Baxter (pedal steel guitar & electric

slide guitar), John Jackson (guitar), Tony Garnier (bass), Winston Watson (drums & percussion)

2, 4-6, 11, 13, 14, 18 Bob Dylan harmonica.

1 Bucky Baxter backup vocal.

8-11, 18 acoustic with the band.

9, 18 without Winston Watson.

11, 18 Bucky Baxter electric mandolin

6 new songs (33%) compared to previous concert. 5 new songs for this tour



Some track transitions are not entirely seamless

The final two songs of the show, Everything Is Broken and It Ain't Me, Babe, are missing from this source

D1 T1: [0:31] volume spike

D1 T3: [4:53] volume lowers

D2 T7: [5:09 - 5:12, 5:30, 5:39, 5:47, 5:53, 5:58, 6:06 , etc...] massive digi-fuzz and dropouts

D2 T7: [8:46 - 8:54] song cuts, dead runoff


SOUND: Very nice. Well balanced and clear, this has a fat high end and was captured with the band just a couple paces

behind Bob's loud and centered vocals. Nice job.


COMMENTS: Cool, he's singing the opener well, and that the opener tonight is Maggie's Farm, a throwaway jam tune if

ever one existed, our prospects are looking good. I'm probably hearing Bob wrong, but did he really just sing "...life would

be the wordless dream / that came true / if not for you?" in If Not For You? This might be one of those times where you hear

something far beyond what he actually sang, but if that's what it is then that's one hell of an off-the-cuff change, don't you

think? Winston Watson yells the count-off into what turns out to be a pretty fair Tangled Up In Blue. Bob is singing great in

the early going, not overreaching but not singing too conservatively either; this is a most welcome vocal compromise. Too

bad the band is playing largely derivative jams, but let's not talk about such things right now. Is it just me or do they use the

mid-1990s intro to Leopard Skin Pill-Box Hat for this version of River Flow? That had me perking up, looking forward to

the "Well I see ya got yer..." but no, calm down, it's just a very good Rover Flow. Bob is hacking out the final word of every

ending line likes he's trying to kick his own ass, and even adds an rare yell onto the final line before hauling out the harp to

spray down the whole sloppy electric blaze. The acoustic set showcases Bob's intent this evening to get the vocals just

exactly perfect, to borrow a Weir-ism from another Bob. Jim Jones is so studly Elvis, Errol Flynn and James Dean all ran

out the back door, hiding their blushing mugs. Bob is the portrait of confidence here, stretching out each line, singing the

old high tale to himself, and to hell with the audience. Are they even there? Is anybody around? Doesn't sound like it to me,

Bob, sing on, man, screw 'em. Desolation Row stumbles out of the blocks, the band hesitates slightly and he's forgetting the

lines, but by the time he has Cinderella sweeping up his mess, things are very fine indeed. Wait a second, he's singing about

the superhuman crews not even three and half minutes into this thing? Sheesh. I think we get a grand total of 4 verses

here...well, I'll take what I can get, it's better than nothing. Girl Of/From The North Country has a sweet harp intro and Bob

putters the lyrics out like a recently tuned engine, maybe the best sung tune of the night, and at less than six minutes is an

oddball besides. I And I and Simple Twist Of Fate are both a little too overblown and catty for my tastes, he goes from

crooning to shouting in the blink of an eye. What Good Am I? is largely more of the same shouty business, but not bad at

all, I like his "...and I just make believe / every time you go by..." change. And there's no way I can dismiss the way he

stretches out these lines, if he tried that here in 2005 fans would wouldn't be able to handle themselves. Too bad the second

half of the song is all but destroyed by sonic glitches, and the last two tracks are absent. At least we still had some kicks.


BOTTOM LINE: Recommended show (for what's here) in great sound, Bob is singing very well and the band is at high




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